About the conference

OpenStreetMap is a worldwide cartographic projects with the aim of making the most accurate and free map of the world accessible at no cost. It bases on the potential of immense community of mappers (over 750 thousand people have edited OSM) who map the world around them every day. The map currently takes 200 GB.

In the course of two-day State of the Map conference we want to present the project to a wide range of people – lecturers, researchers, university students, representatives of local and state administration, owners and employees of companies, people editing OSM and anybody interested. Among invited speakers there are prominent people from OSM world, long time editors (also from abroad), navigation and IT specialists, programmers.

What should we do when in many places we mapped not only roads, buildings and rivers, but also streetlamps or even park benches? What to spend time on when everything seems complete? Where to steer the enthusiasm of new editors? And finally, how to make the project more recognizable, more attractive and more often used by government institutions and private companies? We will try to answer these questions on the second day of our conference.

It’s worth to note that the conference will take place in the Year of Polish Geography, on 100th anniversary of establishment of Polish Geographical Society.

The talks will be given at Sala Śniadeckich lecture hall in Collegium Maius UAM at ul. Fredry 10 in Poznań.